pekan garden

The Pekan Garden is an event garden located in Kibbutz Ramat Hakovesh. In the summer there is an outdoor event garden and for the wintertime – a wooden and glass newly built enclosure.
At The Pekan Garden a professional and experienced staff will ensure that you and your guests have an enjoyable, high-quality, unique and unforgettable time.

At your service is a well-groomed and neat garden, spacious tables, effective ventilation, a security staff and an events manager who deals with the families' requests, coordinates between various bodies and offers solutions for problems that may arise during the evening. In addition you will receive a large paved and marked parking lot for guests' vehicles, envelopes for invited guests, road maps, seating name cards, a luxurious toiletry complex, a high-quality amplifying system, a regulated lighting system and electric generators, in the case of power failure.
The Pekan Garden holds one event a day, so that you are guaranteed our full and undivided attention.

The garden hosts private as well as establishment events (conferences, company days, high-tech events). We believe that comfort is an inseparable part of an event, therefore the garden offers the couple and their parents' an air-conditioned apartment. The apartment includes a sitting area, closet, shower, bathtub, toilet and more… A fully equipped kitchen used by our catering contributes greatly to the success of the event.

In addition to all of the mentioned above you will receive: A "Kiddush" set that contains a wine bottle, a fragile glass for breaking and a silver goblet for the "Kiddush".
An active email mailbox for receiving and sending telegrams and blessings.
Optional additional services- genuine Irish styling and drinks at the bar, special lighting, plasma screens, etc.
The Pekan Garden invites you to go to the gallery page and get an impression of our garden. Please contact us regarding any questions you may have.

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